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My Services

Supervision and Mentoring

I am a passionate supervisor and mentor with over 30 years' experience as a supervisor and 25 years' experience supervising using psychodynamic and psychoanalytic models. I supervise psychologists, psychotherapists. counselors. allied health, chaplains and managers. I have worked in public health, mental health clinics, hospitals, management and private practice.

I offer an applied approach ie the "how to" of carrying out your role, including what to say, what to do and ways to think about and describe the ways you are working. I have a down-to-earth, friendly approach. This "how to" approach can be incorporated into the model in which you already work. Being able to think from a psychodynamic perspective can complement your work and reduce the anxiety and stress you carry in your role.

I provide supervision to individuals or to small groups of 2-6 colleagues. Individual supervision allows for supervision tailored to your specific needs and learning goals. Group supervision enables broader learning as you benefit from my input into your colleagues' cases as well as your own.

SUPERVISION can focus on:

  • Formulation

  • Diagnosis and intervention

  • How to develop confidence and trust in your therapist-self

  • What to say when therapy is "stuck"

  • Identifying elusive dynamics which impact the therapy

  • What to say when you don't know what to say

  • How to finish sessions on time 

  • How to manage clients who are always late

  • How to think about your fee structure and manage increasing your fee to a level that places value on your work 

  • Understanding and utilising unconscious communication 

  • How to understand and use the transference and countertransference

  • How to understand and work with projections

  • How to "sit with" not knowing or not understanding what is going on in a session

  • How to deal with "tricky" clients

  • How to manage work-life balance

  • How to manage PD requirements

  • How to work sustainably in the very challenging area of mental health


  • Interpersonal conflict in workplaces

  • Organisational dynamics

  • Organisational culture

  •  Navigating team and inter-professional conflicts

  • How to think and work systemically


  • For those in management positions, mentoring can provide support in developing your management style and understanding the individual, interpersonal and organisational dynamics that impact you as a manager.


I provide in-person, phone and online therapy to clients aged 30 and above. I provide Clinical Psychological treatments as well as Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy when requested. My expertise lies in a range of areas including:

  • grief

  • mid-life issues

  • adjustment to retirement

  • psychological preparation for retirement

  • living with chronic or terminal illnesses

  •  attachment issues and relational difficulties

  • family of origin issues

  • trauma

  • recovery from narcissistic relationships (partner or parent)

  • life adjustment difficulties

  • workplace issues

Reflective Practice for Health Teams

I have extensive training and experience facilitating reflective practice for teams working in general health and mental health areas. This assists teams to manage the interpersonal, the organisational and the client-related dynamics which impact the team's functioning. I have provided such support to NGO's, government agencies and private work places. Please contact me for further information about my work in this area.

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